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'Zaziya tax' taken from Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan -Aurangzeb revived

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ref-news item today--'Zaziya tax' taken from Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan -Aurangzeb revived !!

The Mughal Ruler Aurangzeb ,has been described as ''a great religious pious Muslim Emperor ,a simpleton who had no vices as he followed a strict Islam'' by UP and UPA text books .Today we read the news that Rs. 20 million Zaziya tax was paid by Sikhs living since centuries in Orakzai agency in FATA area of Pakistan..I think the great ruler's soul and his supporters all Over the sub continent would be smirking with approval of this rise of 'TRUE' Islamic rule again.This happenned as Pakistan state failed to give any protection of any kind of humane law to its Minorities.Here we in India are appointing a muslim lawyer ,with a written plea to Pakistan to appoint even a Pakistani lawyer ,for the mass murderer,A Kasab,a terrorist of Mumbai mayhem!!
Those amongst us all who ignore the rise of Radical Islam in Pakistan and in parts of India,Asia and UK ,and believe in 'GOOD TALIBAN' concept should wake up and take notice of such gross harrassment of minorities under a Muslim majority ''rule'' anywhere in the world,even in a districts or a towns,villages anywhere even in parts of India.
All of us know that there is no true religious freedom for any of the minorities in many parts of the GULF and Kingdom of Saud and our own envoys -many of them Muslims too are silent against many cases of gross injustice perpetrated on Indians there by the authorities their under garb of Islamic laws only due to pressure of petro dollar and job loss !
We all go on defending any tenet in any field implemented or defended by Radical Islam as a part of their ''culture'' even in our own Country forgetting that many times it is wrong and inhumane by any other standards any where else on the world.They disallow any changes in the common humane civic laws under garb of religion too.Many of their tenets,like anti family planning,anti women ,anti humane criminal civic laws may not stand modern humane basic rights today and many tryly humane pious Muslims and their leaders too should join hands to implement the relevant and humane interpretation of the law of the Faith they practice with Great discipline,brotherhood and intensity.
I would love to hear loud voices of protests from our own secular media and muslim Indian-Pakistani leaders ,against this inhumane tax a 'Zaziya' -- a black mail to let live -- levied on Sikhs a minority under a 'Islamic ' rule there.
I would like to hear protests even from radical Sikhs from across the border and in UK and Canada amny of whom who even still support a 'Khalistan' , to speak out with any guts against this injustice to our brethren Sikhs living in ' Islamic state of Pakistan'.
Those of us who ignore such signals would have to carry the burden of the disaster for the sub continent and world in general as more and more pious common Muslims all over the world are sucked into a vortex of following some radical ,medevial, irrelevant anti humane tenets under garb of religion by the few who do not know at all what a Religion is for .
Muslims all over could hold high the dignity of their Faith without harming the weak, innocents, women and minorities under their 'rule '.