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Singh is king , UPA win vote of trust

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The government won the Trust vote polling 275 in favour vis-a-vis 256. The voting was both automated and manual, to remove any chance of error. The Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi were immediately surrounded by a galaxy of members eager to extend their congratulations to them.Earlier, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh began his speech expressing “profound sadness” at the proceedings. He also promised that whoever was responsible in the bribery case would be dealt with, according to law of the land.But refusing to let the Prime Minister make the concluding speech before moving the confidence motion, the Opposition members reached the Well of the House chanting slogans. They demanded that the Prime Minister step down immediately taking responsibility for unfair means adopted to garner votes.The Prime Minister was then forced to submit his speech as a statement.The Prime Minister was forced to seek a confidence vote when the Left withdrew support on July 08 on the issue of nuclear deal. The PM at that time was in Japan for the G 8 summit. Immediately after his return, he approached the President and sought the floor test.The Prime Minister was determined to go ahead with the Indo-US civil nuclear agreement, while the Left are dead opposed to it.